Monday, Jan 22, 2018
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County of Madera


Animal Bite Procedures

Whenever anyone is involved in an animal bite incident, the animal must be quarantined for a specific amount of time to ascertain whether or not the animal is infected with rabies. The following are the established requirements for quarantine:

Dogs and Cats

All dogs and cats which have been involved in a bite incident must be quarantined away from all other animals and people for a period of ten (10) days after the bite occurs. The quarantined animal can have contact only with the person directly involved with its daily care. It may not be vaccinated for rabies within the ten (10) day quarantine period. To quarantine the animal at home, the facilities must be approved by an Animal Services officer by a personal visit to the location. The charge for quarantine approval at home is $45.00.

If adequate quarantine procedures cannot be followed at the owner's premises, the animal will be quarantined at the County Animal Shelter for the required time. The cost involved is $8.50 per day plus $45.00 for the quarantine.

Animal Services officers can recheck the animal at any time without notice during the quarantine period to ensure that the requirements listed above are strictly followed. Any violation of quarantine will result in the animal being impounded at the County Animal Shelter for the remaining time of quarantine at the owner's expense.

At the end of the required ten (10) days, an Animal Services officer will revisit the animal. The charge for this revisit to clear the animal from quarantine is $20.00. If all seems normal, the animal will be released from quarantine.


All of the quarantine requirements listed above apply when livestock is involved. The only difference is that the length of the quarantine period is fourteen (14) days.

All bite incidents should be reported as soon as possible to the Madera County Animal Services Department at (559) 675-7891. Please make sure to gather as much information involving the case as possible, especially the animal owner's name, address, phone number, and a description of the animal involved.

For additional information, please call Madera County Animal Services at (559) 675-7891.

For Animal Services emergencies after hours, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 559-675-7769.

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Contact Animal Services

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General County Contact

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