Friday, Dec 15, 2017
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County of Madera


Drinking Water Program


  • Permitting, Inspections, and Enforcement
  • Private Well Construction/Destruction Permitting
  • Cross-Connection Control Program

This program seeks to assure that public and private water supplies are suitable for domestic uses. Small public water systems are routinely inspected to assure proper operation and maintenance.

The California Department of Health Services has delegated our division as the Local Primacy Agency for enforcement of the state drinking water requirements with respect to small public water systems. We also serve as a resource of information for owners of private domestic wells. The general objective of this program is to assure that domestic water supplies are safe, potable and available in adequate quantity and at sufficient pressure. There are over 200 small water systems in the County of Madera. These water systems include housing developments, apartments, mobile home parks, schools, businesses, camps, restaurants and mini marts. The Madera County Environmental Health Department job is to make sure that all small water systems in the County deliver safe water to their consumers. We do this by issuing permits, conducting inspections and tracking water samples to make sure the water is free of certain bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that could cause illness. Also, we make sure that the water is free of certain chemicals that could also cause illness. Public awareness is also important and we require small water systems to report on their water quality. When there is a problem with water quality, consumers are notified and the small water systems must treat the water to make sure that it is safe to drink.

Ground Water and Private Water Wells

Frequently, private water wells tapping ground water resources can provide the highest quality water available to homeowners and businesses. Improperly constructed, altered, maintained or destroyed wells are a potential pathway for introducing poor quality water, pollutants and contamination to good-quality ground water. A permit is required from this department to drill wells and must be constructed by licensed C-57 well drillers. Our department ensures that all construction and installation of ground water wells are in compliance with Madera County Code.

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General County Contact
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