Thursday, Jan 18, 2018
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County of Madera


Madera County Animal Laws

The following is basic information to help all Madera County residents become aware of their legal responsibilities as pet owners:

Licensing Requirements

All Madera County dog owners must purchase a license for each dog over 4 months of age. A current rabies certificate, valid for the entire license period, is needed before you can get a license. If you are a new resident to Madera County or you obtain a new dog, you have 30 days to purchase a license, after which a $20.00 late fee is charged in addition to the license fee itself.

Licenses can be purchased year round for one or two years. The rabies vaccination must be valid for the entire duration of the licensing. In order to license your dog, you will need to present us with a current rabies vaccination certificate from a licensed veterinarian.

The certificate must show the date of vaccination, its expiration date, the type of vaccine used, the lot number and the veterinarian's name, license number, and signature.

Click here for the printable license form (PDF). Mail or bring the completed application, a current rabies certificate, spay or neuter certificate and the amount indicated on the fee schedule (please do not mail cash) to:

Madera County Animal Services
14269 Road 28
Madera, CA 93638

License fees are as follows:

1 year license
Altered (with proof)
Senior Citizen (65 and over) Altered $4.00
Replacement Tag
Late Penalty

All licenses must be renewed within sixty (60) days of their expiration date or a $20.00 late fee is charged in addition to the license itself.

Please make sure your dog wears his license tag at all times. This number is on record at the Animal Services Department and is your dog's ticket home should he/she become lost.

Rabies Vaccinations

As there are always several confirmed positive rabies cases every year in Madera County, all dogs over four months of age are required to have a current rabies vaccination. Dogs under one year old must have a primary rabies vaccination followed in one year by a second rabies vaccination which is good for three years.

While it is not currently required for cats to have a rabies vaccination, it is highly recommended. Cats are at great risk due to their roaming habits. Please contact your veterinarian for recommended vaccination schedules.

Dog Control & Leash Law Enforcement

All dogs in Madera County are expected to be under control at all times. They must be confined to your property. If you take them off your property, to go for a walk for example, they must be on a leash. Any dog found running at large can be impounded at the County Shelter or returned to its owner with a citation.

Dogs picked up in violation of the leash law may be redeemed at the shelter at 14269 Road 28 in Madera. Dogs brought in without identification are held for three (3) working days. Dogs with ID or known owners are held for ten (10) working days. Dogs unclaimed at the end of the holding period are available for adoption to responsible homes or can be euthanized after this time.

black labAnimals In Vehicles

California law requires your dog to be safely enclosed in a moving vehicle or restrained to prevent them from falling, jumping or being thrown from the vehicle. You can be cited for allowing your dog to ride in the back of an open vehicle unrestrained. Leaving animals in an enclosed vehicle in hot weather can be deadly. Leave windows open and park in the shade whenever possible. Limit car rides to when it is safe for your pet.

Accidents Involving Animals

If you hit any animal with a vehicle, you must report it to the appropriate law enforcement authority and to the Animal Services Department. Failure to do so can be considered a "hit and run" with citations, fines, and even jail time.

Animal Abuse

If you see or suspect that someone is abusing or neglecting an animal, contact Madera County Animal Services immediately. Our officers regularly investigate these cases and enforce state anti-cruelty laws.

doghouseAggressive Dogs

Anyone who encounters and/or has problems with aggressive dogs can file a complaint with Madera County Animal Services. Officers will investigate each complaint and take appropriate action towards the dog's owner.

Barking Dogs

Barking dogs are considered a public nuisance. Please contact Madera County Animal Services if you have such a problem. Officers will attempt to help the dog's owner resolve the problem. 

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Contact Animal Services

14269 Road 28
Madera, CA 93638
Fax: (559)675-7617
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Stray/Quarantine Building: 
Mon – Fri: 8am-4pm

New Adoption Center:
Mon – Fri: 12pm-4pm

Saturday: 10am-2pm

General County Contact

General County Contact
200 W. 4th Street
Madera, CA 93637
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Use this number to get general information about the County or County departments.  

For non-emergency information or service, dial 311