Monday, Mar 19, 2018
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County of Madera


Role of the Madera County Sheriff

The Sheriff is the Director of Disaster Services for the county. The County’s disaster ordinance has granted the Sheriff a number of powers and duties including the following:

  1. Request the board of supervisors to proclaim the existence or threatened existence of a local emergency if the board of supervisors is in session, or to issue such proclamation if the board of supervisors is not in sessions. Whenever a local emergency is proclaimed by the director, the board of supervisors shall take action to ratify the proclamation within seven days thereafter or the proclamation shall have no further force or effect;
  2. Request the chairman of the board of supervisors, or his next in succession, to assemble the board of supervisors at least each seven days, in accordance with the provisions of Government Code, Section 8630, the California Emergency Services Act, for the purpose of reviewing the need for continuing the "local emergency," requesting the board terminate the "local emergency" at the earliest possible date conditions warrant;
  3. Request the Governor to proclaim a state of emergency when, in the opinion of the director, locally available resources are inadequate to cope with the emergency;
  4. Direct and control the effort of the county and all governmental agencies within the county for the accomplishment of the purposes of this chapter, as authorized by the California Government Code;
  5. Direct cooperation between and coordination of services and staff of the county and all governmental agencies within the county, and resolve questions of authority and responsibility that may arise between and among them;

In the event of a proclamation of a local emergency as herein provided, the proclamation of a state of emergency by the Governor or the Director of the State Office of Emergency Services, or the existence of a state of war emergency, the director is hereby empowered to:

  1. Make and issue rules and regulations on matters reasonably related to the protection of life and property as affected by such emergency; provided, however, such rules and regulations must be confirmed at the earliest practicable time by the board of supervisors;
  2. Obtain vital supplies, equipment, and such other properties found lacking and needed for the protection of life and property and to bind the county for the fair value thereof and, if required immediately, to commandeer the same for public use;
  3. Require emergency services of any officer or employee of any governmental agency, and in the event of the proclamation of a state of emergency in the county or the existence of a state of war emergency, to command the aid of as many citizens of the county as he deems necessary in the execution of his duties; such persons shall be entitled to all privileges, benefits, and immunities as are provided by state law for registered disaster service workers;
  4. Order the arrest, removal or temporary detention of any person who interferes with the activities of an employee of a governmental agency during an officially proclaimed local emergency, state of emergency, or state of war emergency, as specified in Section 2.78.150;
  5. Requisition necessary personnel or material of any department or agency in this county;
  6. Execute all of his ordinary power as county administrative officer

County Mission/Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Madera County's Mission is to serve the public interest in a fiscally responsible manner by providing efficient, cost effective customer service, promoting public health and safety while creating new possibilities with partnerships through a diversified economy.

Vision Statement

Madera County is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, with integrity, and is committed to the highest quality of life for all.

Disaster Information Recovery & Assistance

National Terrorism Advisory System (NTAS) check current status

General County Contact

General County Contact
200 W. 4th Street
Madera, CA 93637
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Use this number to get general information about the County or County departments.  

For non-emergency information or service, dial 311